happy 40th birthday Misha! (▽◠)ノ*:・゚✧


Everybody who is starting Mishapocalypse 2014 please don’t. Everybody probably heard it a million times but I just have to repeat this again Misha was very uncomfortable with it last time Of course it’s Misha Freaking Collins, and his birthday just has to involve something crazy But not something that would make him feel uneasy or uncomfortable in any way We all love him to death, so let’s show it by respecting his wishes Let’s make him proud


Just saw Guardians of the Galaxy and I really like that one part where the whole movie.


I nominated Demon!Dean for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge today

I nominate Demon!Dean to do the ice bucket Challenge with Holy ice/water.

and it looks like Sam did it, but didn’t tell Dean it was going to be holy water. Whoops.

or: I just felt like doodling fun stuff

"If I hadn’t gone into acting, I would be a horse trainer or a tunnel digger or a swan."

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